Track Your Performance

Utilizing the existing GPS technology in your smartphone or GPS, track your performance as you recreate, train, or race.



Analyze and Share

Analyze your and your equipment's performance using Hotlap.co and share it with others.



Compete for Prizes and Awards

Enter local and global competitions on your own terms to win awards, and get discounts on products you love, when you need them.

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"Having spent countless hours on the racetrack throughout my life, I have always wished for something like this. It will revolutionize the sport of motocross and competition in general regardless of sport."

Jonathan Lee, Co-Founder/CEO

"Clearly the best startup of the Project Vesto competition."

Investor, Project Vesto Judge

"Hotlap.co will put the fun back in riding, get people motivated to go out and compete, and revolutionize the way companies and customers connect by getting rid of traditional advertisement and focusing on building relationships."

Nic Vandermade, Co-Founder/CMO

"Give these guys the money!"

Investor, Project Vesto Judge

"The sport of motocross is incredibly difficult and dynamic, and Hotlap.co is just the first step in revolutionizing how people train and race. Get ready to start winning!"

Quinton Figueroa, CTO

"We have assembled a powerful team to build Hotlap.co that understands what it is like to put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to win on the racetrack, and also understands the mindset of even the most casual enthusiast."

Marvin Jones, CLO

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  • -Activity tracking and detailed analysis
  • -Access to local and global events for prizes and awards
  • -Equipment maintenance tracking
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